The site and the city of Carlin lies nearly at the center the Carlin Trend, part of what is also known as the Carlin Unconformity by geologists, a 5 mile (8 km) wide and 40 miles (60 km) long geologic formation running northwest-southeast, which has produced more gold than any other mining district in the United States. The trend surpassed 50,000,000 troy ounces (1,600 t) of gold in 2002.  The 3rd biggest mining complex in the world is 2 miles away from the project

This location, with over 12,500 workers passing daily at this newly retrofitted $6 Million interchange, is ideal for a quality travel center and hotel/casino. This site is located on a direct “free right turn” from State Highway 766/I 80 on/off ramps, and could provide parking for over 400 travelers and truckers. This site is zoned for a casino/hotel and Travel Center.


Carlin Crossing • 2001 10th Street • Carlin, NV 89822

Carlin Crossing Rendering